Part 1 of a 3 Part Series

Turning your Big Idea into an Irresistible Offer provides you with the ability to live a life you’ve always dreamt of. Sometimes we just need a bit of help and guidance. It takes real courage to follow your own path and not be afraid to travel down the roughest terrain, rather than following the crowd and always searching for the path of least resistance.

Nothing great can be created when you stay dreaming in your comfort zone. I believe it’s OK to not know the answers, to sometimes feel stuck or frustrated; it happens to all of us and it makes us smarter.

When we are stuck – it’s a sign that we just need some gentle guidance. I believe that our greatest happiness is found when we are courageous enough to be our true authentic selves and ask for help, even if it means occasionally showing vulnerability.

There are too many fake people in this industry who talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, they rarely deliver the promised goods. So I want to be someone you can trust, not because I’m perfect or have all the answers but because I am going to help you and have as much fun as possible in the process.

Turn your Big Idea into an Irresistible Offer

I’ll help you unlock your full potential: to build a better business; stop trading time for money; and be free to live how you choose.

I’ll show you how to take the skills, knowledge and expertise you already have; to become a recognised expert in your field, create your Big Idea into an offer and sell it to 100,000s of people.

Grow a digital community and mailing list of raving fans around your true passion; and create an authentic personal brand to create demand and charge a premium for what you do.

If you’re looking for practical, results-orientated breakthroughs in a fun, compassionate but no-nonsense environment, then it’s time to turn your Big Idea into an Irresistible Offer.

So the first of my 3 core pillars is called Preparing the Foundations. We start here because we need to lay the foundations to support your future success. Building a house without a strong foundation will create problems, the same is true of your business. Let’s make sure we start as we mean to go on.

First, we need to ensure that you have the right mindset to bring your BIG IDEA idea into an offer. Mindset can be one of those terms we hear a lot about but don’t always fully embrace it.

What I know for sure is that without daily mindset practice we set ourselves up for failure. What I want for you is to have the confidence to move forward powerfully as we commence this journey.

Next we’ll uncover your highest values, your values are the basis for your idea into an offer. Our values form our thoughts, words and actions so they will have a huge impact on our business. When we are clear on what we value most, we know how we want to operate in our business.

Your values as part of your offer will guide you in how you make decisions, deal with difficult situations, increase your confidence and help you magnetise your ideal client.

Your values become synonymous with your  brand – the qualities that are identifiable as YOU. Once you’ve got my 7 step mindset practice in place and you are clear on your values we can begin to dive into your BIG IDEA into an offer.

I know right now it may feel like there are too many too many pieces to the puzzle and it could easily lead to overwhelm and frustration.

Well don’t worry – I know exactly how that feels, you are not alone, I am here to help. As part of my process we can turn your big idea into logical steps that make perfect sense as an irresistible offer and take your client from pain to solution. You’ll be able to explain your system to anyone at anytime with clarity and precision especially to all the people who will benefit from your big idea!

I KNOW the difficulties, I know the challenges, I am keen to take you step by step through each stage as part of my signature system.

So in this section  we will lay the foundations and cover:

Topic 1  Preparing the Foundations for your Big Idea into an irresistible offer.

Topic 2  Your Values, Your Brand.

Topic 3 – Crystallising your BIG IDEA into an irresistible Offer.

So let’s have a quick look at each…

The first focus area in pillar 1 is  Preparing the Foundations for your Big Idea into an irresistible offer

Success is not an accident, it is the result of sustained and consistent effort.

When you leave your house you typically get washed and dressed- well making sure that your mind is mentally prepared for the day is equally if not more important!

I’ll share with you my 7 mindset tools to keep yourself mentally strong on your journey. I know for sure that strengthening up my mindset was the difference that made the difference that enabled me to grow my offer to 6 figure business and serve my client the way I wanted to.

There is simply nothing more powerful than your thoughts, so let’s manage them and master your mindset..

To have something you’ve never had before you need to do something you’ve never done. Therefore your bulletproof mindset is a non-negotiable on the road to success!

My 7 stage mindset practice to enable you to master your mindset.

This enables you to:

Learn a new set of skills that will override any negative thoughts that could be holding you back  and sabotage your efforts.

Reprogram your subconscious mind – to gain mastery – up level to step into the person you want to become – step into that leadership role.

Over time this  becomes a daily habit that builds the foundation of your success!

By developing this kind of foundation – these positive habits – you are free to focus on ‘creating’ magic in your life rather than self-sabotaging and living in the past.

Who wants to be troubled with old negative thoughts? Let’s clear the space in your head to allow you to create the irresistible offer you want.

You will gain the knowledge in how to step up as an empowered role model  and authority within your chosen field of expertise.

This practice ALONE puts you in the top 1% of people who don’t take the time to build these solid foundations- so you significantly increase your chances of success.

With the right tools you start making decisions from a place of self empowerment and allows you free up your time to do more of what you love doing.

By building personal resilience and showing up with certainty and confidence, you become unstoppable.

Which means you are now ready to move forward to the next phase. In this section we uncover Your Values, which are the basis for your Brand  You are your brand, and we want your values to come through loud and clear.

Most people think of colours or a logo when they talk about ‘BRAND’ but your brand is so much more than that. It’s how you show up in this world, what is important to you and how other people describe you, your offer and your business.

You will work through your core values so you can ensure that they are evident throughout your business. Your values become synonymous with your brand. Think Mcdonalds, think Apple think Oprah. All of these global brands have left an imprint on us with what they stand for. You want this to be true for you too.When you’re creating your personal brand, you must understand your core values because they are at the heart of who you are, your values inform your decisions, they help manage difficult situations, increase your confidence and act as a navigation system for your business.

Whether you are developing your big idea into an offer, making a personal change or simply interested in maximising your potential; knowing and aligning your values is key.

Your values will drive  your personal vision for your  offer and provide the direction you need to make the right choices for you.

Think of your values and your vision as the light that illuminates your life path. So let’s get clear on what your values are. We will establish your core values and everything that makes up YOU.

This is where we take all your best bits – uncover your genius tell the world – and allow you shine.

You’ll have clarity on your highest values. You’ll have list of values which you can use to drive decision making while you create and promote your offer, you simply need to ask if something aligns with your values or not and respond accordingly.

You’ll have a clearer  idea of what you want people to think of when they think of YOU, and more than that YOU’LL know what you stand for and how you want to operate as a business.

You’ll have clarity on how you want to represent yourself, your brand and a set of governing rules that will help shape how you operate your offer and your business.

You’ll be able to make decisions using your values as a reference point- if something doesn’t align you can say YES or NO with absolute confidence.

So once we gain clarity on the your values and your brand- we can move onto  making your big idea into an irresistible offer.

I call this ‘Crystallising your BIG Idea – because now that you have the right mindset to take on the world – and you are comfortable with knowing your values and how they apply to your business- it’s time to – Crystallise your  big idea.

First, let’s map out all the ideas in your head right now  you’ve probably got a tons of brilliant ideas in the idea vault in your mind. So let’s narrow it down.


We will be implementing ONE only at this time.  Complete focus is critical especially in the early stages. You CAN have it all you just can’t have it all at the same time.

Let me tell you about my client Tiu, she is multi passionate and has so many potential avenues to go down, she is a singer/ songwriter, workshop facilitator, retreat facilitator, coach, writer, and so much more. Together we agreed on one course of action for NOW and with that clarity and certainty she was able to create and launch her offer and create a £7.5k income in the space of a week. This is the result of focused attention!

You can act on all of your ideas, eventually, bit for NOW we will focus on bringing ONE to life, the one that lights you up the most, the one with the most energy behind it.

This is YOUR opportunity to identify what makes you feel most inspired so that you are moving forward with unbounded enthusiasm!

We will distill your BIG IDEA into a single statement that can become your strap-line.

Your big idea will be the main focus of your offer for now…

It will be a solution to a big problem for someone- you ideal client.

It will be that ‘thing’ that your ideal client has been seeking.

It will be the one thing you feel most passionate about moving forward with at this time.

You’re going to know exactly what you want to focus on  which means you can commence your first steps. The benefits of crystallising your big idea means that you have the clarity to move forward. Because you know the end destination- and you have an outcome to aim for.

This allows for total commitment and immersion from you. There is nothing better than  sense of certainty to build trust in your audience and to allow them to believe that you hold the solution to their problem. We don’t want to allow for any distractions.

You are no longer stuck – you have done it – free to explore your true vision!

Which means you are ready to move onto element 2 – which is about gaining momentum for your irresistible offer and building your authority…

I have created the next Blog in this 3 part series. Or, you can click below to watch my video series that goes into a lot more detail and will show you how we can start doing this TODAY!

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