Musings, Observations & Truths for 2016

by Jan 5, 2016Happy Time2 comments

…Or as I like to call it, a New Year MOT

For the Americans reading this, an MOT is the British equivalent of an annual car service – in this case it’s an annual mental service!

I hope 2016 brings you extended periods of joy, reduced period of bad stress and the best mixture possible of whatever makes you happy.

I put together these little fellas below in a moment of sheer genius. Ok, maybe just in a moment. My offer to you this week is to read my truths of 2016, consider and add your own to the list or delete those that don’t resonate with you.

  • If you wake up alive and breathing-be pleased, you’ve made it to the next round!
  • Remember everyone else is as screwed up as you are, even more so 😉
  • The stories you tell yourself are not THE truth. They are YOUR truth. You don’t have to believe them and you can even rewrite the stories.
  • Perspective is everything. Don’t wait for a major tragedy to appreciate what you’ve got. Appreciate it now.
  • In the words of Joel Osteen – sometimes the best gift someone can give us is the gift of goodbye. Say goodbye to energy zapping people. If you’re not sure who those energy zappers are, just tune in to how alive and inspired (or uninspired) you feel when with these people.
  • Remember, being selfish is integral to being human. It is not a bad thing unless you define it that way. Everything we do is based on selfish actions to meet our needs, for example, being charitable is selfish – we do it to feel good. Selfish is not a four letter word!
  • You are what you eat. Eat wholesome food. Anything without a long list of ingredients is a good start. The cracks will show if you don’t look after what you put in your body.
  • When you are feeling crap/hate the world/feel like it can’t get worse, just know nothing lasts forever and brighter days will come…and…breathe…
  • We never die. We are eternal energy we just change form.
  • When someone figures out how to transfer the knowledge and experience that come with years, I will then insist I return to my 20 year old self.
  • Always trust your intuition and know that even when you don’t, it will still help you out over and over again.Intuition holds no grudges by saying ‘but you didn’t listen last time.’ You always get another chance.
  • Enjoy the people and places that surround you at this moment in time. You invited them in one way or another. Love them for whatever they bring.
  • In this world of electronic devices where upgrades are available, think of every birthday as an upgrade of YOU version: (fill in your age). Reflect on how you are a new improved version of yourself from the previous year- what did you learn? How did you grow?

Now go forth beautiful warriors of 2016, and live your best year ever.

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