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Women in Wales

Bringing you amazing, life affirming retreats during the course of the year

The next retreat is planned for March 2017,in Wales. The retreats are designed to take you away from you everyday life and bring you more consciously into the moment.

Our heads are so jam packed full of plans, worries, families, work and other stuff, we can often forget to just ‘be’ in the moment.

Escape The Daily Routine & Find Yourself

Stay informed on when and where we’ll be having them, I have some exciting destinations in store!

Amazing Opportunities for You to Indulge

Good food, good company and priceless spontaneous moments you simply can’t predict. That’s what you’ll get from the retreat.

  • Pilates in Pajamas? Don’t mind if I do!
  • Canoeing?
  • Hiking?
  • Horse riding?
  • Yes please!

What is Women in Wales like?

New insights were gained,new friends were made and new skills were learned. A perfect weekend.

In September 2016 we held our first Women in Wales retreat. For two nights ten women escaped the daily routine to find themselves among new friends, lots of greenery and more sheep than you can shake a lambchop at.

The weekend was summed up by those who attend as ‘inspiring’, ‘more than I had bargained for’, and ‘wonderful to have such fun activities that stretched me beyond my comfort zone and still allowed me to feel safe and most of all,laugh’.

And laugh we did. The weekend was joyful and laughter filled. With Pilates at 7am we made the rule: come as you are, which meant we redefined how pilates could be delivered: In pajamas.We canoed in the pouring rain. We got all the protective clothing on, we carried our canoes we whistled and sang while we work just like the 7 dwarves. One of our team’s canoe even capsized BUT they went back to repeat the course to ensure they could do it without capsizing. Boy, did we laugh!

In the evening we got in touch with our power allie during a shamanic drumming session. I personally was waiting for a noble and dignified creature to come to me as a vision and invite me to life a life of virtue in the pursuit of noble causes. Instead my vision was on a chimpanzee swinging from vine to vine and having a great time. Others has profound and deeply moving experiences.
We were treated to a whole range of therapies including massage, reiki, shamanic healing – our treatment leader Lynn is a beautiful soul whom shares so openly and willingly. We were all on the receiving end of something magical.

We held a campfire and we rid ourselves of the things we wanted to rid ourselves of by a ceremonial burning of those unwanted things. As each person threw their paper onto the fire we acknowledged them and laughed, danced and sang around the fire.
The Sunday morning was an opportunity to ride horses in the stunning counstryside, go for a hike or simply enjoy the surrounding area.

By 4pm Sunday everyone was on their way home having had a weekend that went far too quickly and enjoyable beyond description.

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