Pillar 2 – Gaining Momentum

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series

It’s time to start gaining some momentum by getting ‘out there’ and attracting your ideal clients. As entrepreneurs we all know that we need a website, but the reality is, just because a website is online, it doesn’t mean your ideal clients are going to find it.

First you need to know exactly who your ideal clients are – so you know exactly who to attract.

There is a very specific person who needs what you’ve got. We want to connect directly to them, and this will be through your social media posts, or talks, or blogs, in any variety of ways – the key thing is you want to speak their language so we will create a profile of your ideal client.

The clearer and more precise you can be in defining your ideal client, the easier it is to develop a message of your big idea that speaks directly to them.

It’s time to get out there and attract your ideal client!

However, your ideal client can be easily profiled, and I highly recommend revisiting the ideal client profile periodically to ensure that any adjustments are included as your big business idea develops – because it will evolve and change- so your message needs to reflect that.

So when we’ve established the ideal client, next we will look at your marketing message. Since we now know your BIG IDEA, we can create a marketing message that speaks directly to your ideal client.

Every business offer solves a problem and the only way people will want to work with you is if they believe that you have a solution to their problem. Therefore, you’ll be able to articulate the problem and solution in a clear and focused way using my 9-step marketing message mapper.  Your message will be so clear that it becomes effortless to connect with your ideal client.  They will start to follow you on social media the more you begin to use your message. You’ll be demonstrating your expertise by consistently referring back to your marketing message.   Therefore, you’ll be able to repurpose it in so many ways- as videos, or blogs or social media posts.

So then the next job is to build your authority so you are identifiable as the expert, the go to person and the problem solver in fact, your offer is the ONLY solution they need for this problem!

You’ll do this in a variety of ways, and I assure you, it will be so easy to establish your authority once the ideal client and marketing message is clear.

Maybe you are currently unknown in your arena so we need to spend some time building your profile and establishing your authority.  There is a 3-step process for delivering content to your audience and I’ll show you how to do it.

You need to:




Showing up consistently enables your audience to get accustomed to you, to follow you and build up their trust in you. Without any prior knowledge of who you are and what you can offer you are very unlikely to bring them in for your irresistible offer.  People will buy from people they know and, when they know you and your mark of distinction, it will become the only offer they require

Show up consistently

So, it is essential that you showcase your abilities and build authority to your audience.  I gained 85% of my clients by showing up on social media in 2018.

Therefore, social media will play an important role in how you show up and together will develop your social media profile to support your authority status.

Let’s dive into your ideal client first…

Having a clear definition of your Ideal Customer is the most important thing you can do before you create an irresistible offer.

Your Ideal Customer Profile dictates everything you do from this point forwards. From the features and functionality of your product you build or what makes up your service offering, to the words you use and the emotion you invoke or tap into your marketing.

It’s easy to forget that your offer solves a problem, that it is YOU who chooses your customers. You have a big idea, which means you know exactly who you want to work with. So in a way, you get to choose who you want to make your offer to.

So, creating an Ideal client Profile is empowering!

In fact, if you don’t choose who you want to make your offers to, your customers will choose you… and they may not be the person you want to work with.

So, we need to work out who is your Ideal Client.

Too many service-based start-ups make the mistake of wanting to create an offer to help EVERYONE and that is pretty typical because they think they are going to LOSE business if focus on helping a particular group of people.

This happened to me when I started, I was so keen to help EVERYONE but it was only when my business mentor insisted that I focus on ONE ideal client that I was able to gain the clarity to propel me forward.

Once I focused on my ideal client, I was able to target my message with total precision and become the ‘go to’ person in my niche.

I get it, it can be scary to focus on one small group but let me assure you this is the secret sauce for success! It becomes your greatest asset because everything you do becomes so much easier and everything falls into place!

So, you’ll profile this ideal client and then you can create your marketing message designed to speak directly to them!

Your messaging will be crystal clear, that it will start to attract more ideal clients who need and want your offer.

There are lots of ways to come up with your Ideal Customer Profile. Lots of methods and templates but over time I’ve developed my own profiling tool that makes it easy to establish exactly who they are.

Then once you know who they are it becomes easy to understand how to communicate with them.

You’ll be able to speak with authority directly to that person in clear terms that they understand. They will connect with your message through the words you use and the problems that you solve.

You’ll have a very clear way people connect and work with you.

The benefit of knowing your ideal client is that it allows you to speak directly to them.   You want your ideal client to think you can read their mind.

Once you begin to attract those ideal clients, you’ll find it so much easier to find clients that don’t even need to be sold to!

It even gets easier to do your marketing and that’s why in the next step we focus on your marketing message… Just as you need to be specific with your ideal client profile, you need to be specific with your marketing message.

Create the perfect marketing Message

I have a formula to create a perfect marketing message, and this forms the basis of all the content that you will be putting out there and the more you get your content consumed, the higher your chances are of converting your ideal clients into paying customers

If you’ve never put a marketing message together before it won’t matter at all because, my 10-step system makes it super easy to create a message that attracts your ideal clients.

As part of your marketing message you’ll also include your WHY- so your ideal client understands why you do what you do.

And don’t worry if this seems all a bit much – I’ll take you through it step by step so you have a super clear message.

Once you’ve got this message sorted you can repurpose it in so many ways across a range of platforms and what is even more exciting is that you’ll get this embedded in your brain and be able to recite it effortlessly in no time at all!

So, once we’ve completed the 10-step marketing message framework you’ll have a resource that can be used repeatedly as your offer develops. 

Your marketing message is what attracts your ideal clients to you and it’s your mark of distinction.

Together we’ll craft a perfect message, it’s one of the most powerful and exciting elements of your offer because now you are ready to reach out into the world. In a short space of time, you’ll be able to recite this message, and it will become your ‘elevator pitch’.

So, when you meet someone new or you are posting on social media, you’ll always be referring back to this. And this is where you start to be seen as an authority, get more referrals and build your visibility online.

Now that your marketing message is done you become the go-to person and start attracting more ideal clients.

Which, highlights why building authority is so important.

Let me be honest, building authority does not happen overnight. It happens over time so, there is no time better than RIGHT now to begin.

The good news is that your big idea into an irresistible offer is ready to be presented to your ideal client you can now step up and claim your space as an authority.

Provide Valuable Content

You will be providing valuable content on your own platforms as well showcasing your expertise across other people’s platforms as appropriate.  You’ll be seeking out opportunities to talk about your big idea and offer- this may be through any social media platforms, podcasts, Interviews, live speaking events, guest blogs. All of these things will reinforce your authority status.

As the authority, you will freely share your knowledge and opinion when it is appropriate to do so. You will be able to explain your big business idea in simple terms, and excite your ideal clients about your unique solution

I’ll take you through my 3-step authority process where you’ll learn to …




Even if you feel scared and unsure right now, my system makes it completely achievable to effortlessly show up as yourself

Look at it this way, even if you are experiencing imposter syndrome if you are a few steps ahead of someone else and willing to share your knowledge, you’re seen as an authority.

As an authority on your subject matter, you’ll be forthcoming in providing a point of view on your specialist subject. Therefore, people will come to know you in your capacity as an authority in a short space of time when you show up consistently giving great value.

You’ll use a whole range of opportunities to communicate your big idea. It is said that people need to have made 7 or more touch-points with you before they really understand who you are and what you do- so if you think you’re being seen too much, I’d say you’re probably just beginning to be seen!

As your subject area authority, you’ll be showing up consistently across various platforms- to the point where you’ll be sick of seeing yourself .

As a result, you’ll stand out from the crowd because of so much exposure and good quality content around your big business idea. In time, people will begin to seek YOU out.  But, at first you can’t be backward in coming forward!

All of this becomes the basis for building a community, positive relationships with the goal to coach and convert prospects into clients.  This is how you turn your passion into your profit.  If you want to learn more about how to achieve this, simply click below to download my free ebook and I will share how inside:

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