The Emperor’s Old Clothes

by Aug 27, 2016Limiting Beliefs0 comments

Would you wear the same clothes you did when you were 4 years old?

Of course not! They wouldn’t fit and it would be ridiculous to do so. Chances are at 4 years old, someone else decided what you would wear and chose every aspect of your outfit.

But as we grow up, we outgrow our clothes and even develop our own unique sense of style. We can play around with various looks and see what is a true expression of ourselves.

We are physically forced to change our clothes because our body grows and they no longer fit. Mentally we grow too, but many people don’t realise they can outgrow their thinking.

Just like with clothes, our THINKING may no longer fit us.

Our repetitive thinking become our core beliefs. They are developed at an early age and unless we’ve done some deep soul exploration, we continue to ‘wear’ these beliefs as if they are still true….. and it’s like walking around in your 4 year old’s clothes!

The truth is they are not  true expressions of ourselves and simply don’t fit any longer, but we carry them around. In fact they become so ingrained in us we don’t even challenge them.

Think about the child-sized belief  ‘clothes’- you might be wearing. Do you have beliefs about not being good enough? Not lovable? Not worthy?  All men are …. all women are…..Life is…..etc. What decisions did you make as a child that no longer serve you? These beliefs become so ingrained in us we can’t even see them. They are like a second skin.

We all have ways in which we limit ourselves because we are living into beliefs that we never change despite growing up. As the fish doesn’t notice the water nor do we notice the beliefs that hold us back.

If you’d like to break free and try some new clothes on call me. Let’s go shopping for clothes that look great on you and are a true expression of your best self.

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