Part 3 of a 3 Part Series

By the time we reach element 3, this is where the fun really begins. 

In element 1 you’ve set the foundations and in element 2, you’ve cultivated your community and built your authority around your Big Idea, so now, it’s time to introduce your signature solution- your irresistible offer.  You’ll be walking your ideal clients from the place of pain into a place of resolution with your irresistible offer.

Along the way you will be continuing to establishing your authority status. Here’s the thing,  there are few people willing to step up and claim their space as an authority. But you’ve been adding value and earning the right to do so. This is now your time to stand out from the crowd.

Only when you’ve done all the work to build your authority, can you  start asking for the sale.  You simply cannot go right into asking for a sale before they know who you are. It’s like dating- you would not marry someone on the first date, well most people wouldn’t!

Once you’ve done the work to give value to your ideal client in all the ways we have previously described, you’ll have an engaged community just waiting to consume your content around your big idea and offer. As you offer the next logical Step, it will feel right and your ideal client will want to work with you.

You’ll be able to confidently invite ideal clients onto calls because you know you’ve got the solution they have been searching for.

With a hungry audience who know, LOVE and trust you, now it’s time to convert your BI into your irresistible offer

You know who you want to help, You know the outcome they want and it’s clear that you understand their pain. Perhaps you’ve never dissected it to the extent that we are about to dissect it- but trust me on this, it’s a powerful way to gain clarity, precision and enable you to talk with ease about how you can help.

So let’s connect the dots and create the roadmap for their success- your irresistible offer’. There are fewer things that announce your authority more powerfully than having your own system that reflects your BBI that you devised to support your ideal client.

Together we will sort out exactly what you’ll deliver, how you’ll deliver it and when you deliver it.

Your irresistible offer will allow your ideal client to build trust that you truly are the expert in your area and will enable you to attract them more easily.

It also positions you  powerfully as a leader. You’ll find most high quality coaches and service based entrepreneurs have their own systems.

Your offer helps you to not have to reinvent the wheel each time you welcome a new client. 

In addition to having your irresistible offer in place for your clients it can also become the base for books, ebook, talks, workshops, templates, checklists, video and other saleable items.

With your irresistalbe offer  in place you’ve got the basis a powerful tool for your ideal client, and it becomes even more powerful the more people experience it and get the results they desire.

You’ll have a replicable system you can apply to your clients

You’ll have a clear route from pain to resolution

You’ll be able to speak in detail about the different steps your ideal client will take on their journey which means they will be assured of your ability to deliver results for them

If you want something that sets you apart from all the noise out there, having your irresistible offer will do just that!

You’ll have a unique approach to share with your ideal clients, and what’s more, you’ll have your own story to support how powerful this system is and over time you’ll have client testimonials to support you as well.  There are fewer things more powerful than a testimonial!

You’ll be able to speak with certainty about how you resolve your client’s issue with grace and ease.

You’ll be able to create other business assets from your offer – repurposing content over and over.

Your clients will identify you as the person to go to for the solution they need and want.

Which means it’s time to generate some lead to take advantage of your offer!

So you now have your irresistible offer in place, and the next logical step is that we want your ideal client to know about it!  So it makes sense that we generate leads. A offer without anyone who wants it is pointless!

There are various ways to do this, and I am going to show you organic lead generation, this means with NO paid ads.- I had an offer that allowed me to build 6 figure business without paid advertising so I know it can be done.

I’ll share with you the offline and online strategies that will enable you to showcase what you do and teach you how to turn people into prospects.

You will want to create a steady flow of clients- your ‘pipeline’, and the ways to do this are plentiful- from guest interviews on social media to attending live networking events to creating freebies to build your email list.  And while it can seem like a big task, we’ll approach it one thing at a time and find out what your audience responds best to.

We’ll pinpoint how you will do it and begin the process of generating leads for you. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all, especially when you know how.

You’re going to learn a whole range of ways to generate leads who want your offer then you’ll implement at least one so we can begin to see the impact. I’ll coach you through how to move them from a prospect to a client.

There is an element of trial and error when doing this, but it can be fun and exciting to create inspiring ways to bring your ideal client in to your irresistible offer

Finding a great way to generate leads is going to help you keep clients rolling in to you, and once that happens, it makes this element of your  offer much easier to manage.

Every irresistible offer requires someone who wants it so finding a way to open up the flow of customers for your  offer will become an essential ingredient for ongoing success. More importantly, over time you’ll get better and better at attracting the ideal client.

Remember, your delivering offer  is an art not a science so you get to be creative, you get to make mistakes and you get to change your mind of something isn’t working.

The first time people encounter your irresistible offer it will be  like dating- you don’t get married on the first date- you go through a process of building a relationship. Once you’ve completed  all the other pieces you are now ready to begin  invite them to engage with your offer,

If you have successfully shown up day after day you’ll have set the foundations for creating clients.

You can now offer the opportunity for people to work with you. But you need to start to understand how and when to ask for the sale.  It’s a process that you’ll learn but with my system you’ll accelerate your learning.

You will learn how to ask the right questions and build rapport, you’ll learn how to continue to serve even those not quite ready to buy- because they are watching you, and a no today does not mean no tomorrow.  You can invite your loyal followers into your world to spend time with you until such time as they are ready to buy.

You’ll soon become acutely aware of when someone is ready to invest in you, and you’ll know who needs a bit more time to make a decision. That’s perfect. It they continue to follow you, and you continue to show up as a leader you’ll help build their confidence that YOU are the best choice for them

You’ll get a high converting sales script to work with and you’ll build confidence on calls in no time.

This is the point we’ve been aiming for- the opportunity to create clients through your irresistible offer.

You know by now that it is a process and you’ve got all the tools to invite them into your world so they can learn all about how you can help.

Everything you’ve done to this point has been working towards creating clients.

You’ll know how to ‘date’ your potential client

You’ll know how to place your irresistible offer in a marketing message

You’ll know how to get testimonials

You’ll know how to ‘close a sale’

You’ll have a sales script that makes it easy to convert prospects into clients

Our bottom line with our offer is to serve others and create a handsome profit for ourselves – right?   The benefits of creating clients is to enable your offer to  become profitable, to allow you to serve as you desire and to support people in having access to your solution

Through my system I am going to show you how to do both.

I am so excited to welcome you on this journey

Come to my webinar and see how this all fits together seamlessly for high impact results.

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