Creating Your Irresistible Offer

Denise Mortimer   In this section, I am going to walk you through developing a low-cost short course. DON’T overcomplicate this, this is your course and your business, don’t adhere to rules that you think you need to adhere to just because someone...

The Emperor’s Old Clothes

Denise Mortimer Would you wear the same clothes you did when you were 4 years old? Of course not! They wouldn’t fit and it would be ridiculous to do so. Chances are at 4 years old, someone else decided what you would wear and chose every aspect of your outfit....

What the World Needs Now: Resilience

Fabulous Mind Tools Resilience: the ability to bounce back and come back even stronger. I can hardly think of a time when we need it more in our world. Sometime bad news feels like it’s coming at us like a machine gun bullets- one after another with little time to...

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