The Quantum Business Rapid Transformation Affiliate Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully.

1. Introduction
1.1. These terms and conditions govern the Quantum Business Rapid Transformation Series:
Individual and Bundle affiliate scheme (“the Scheme”) which is provided by Fearless
Enterprises of 50 Gorseway Romford Essex, RM7 0RS, a company Registered in England and
Wales under Company number 08033015 ( “Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) to you, the
member of the Scheme or an individual applying to become a member of the Scheme.
1.2. Provision of the Scheme will be subject to these terms and conditions and you are deemed to
have accepted them when you agree to become a Member, unless we expressly agree in
writing otherwise.
1.3. These terms and conditions along with our Privacy Notice which can be viewed at
Denisemortimer.com (“the Website”) represent the entire agreement between us and apply
to the exclusion of any other terms that you may try and impose or incorporate or which may
be implied by trade, custom, practice or in any previous course of dealings. Any reference to
terms and conditions and/or this Agreement shall be deemed to include the Privacy Notice.
For the avoidance of doubt these terms and conditions shall take priority over any other
document in the event a conflict arises.
1.4. The Agreement between us will commence when we confirm acceptance of you as a Member
of the Scheme by email, and shall continue until such time as it is terminated in accordance
with these terms and conditions.
2. Definitions
Commission the sums payable to you by us for the promotion of the Scheme which
shall be calculated and paid in accordance with clause 7 below;
Content the supporting material which we shall provide to you and as further

described in clause 3.3;

Link a unique affiliate link provided to Members of the Scheme which will
allow anyone you provide with a copy of the Link to access and purchase
our Services;

Member an individual who has applied to become a member of the Scheme
whether or not he/she has been accepted as a member of the Scheme;
New Client a new client who has not previously purchased a product or service from
[Enter your company name ] or its associated companies or subsidiaries
or is not currently a subscriber to any of its mailing lists or a member in
any online groups;

Promotional Material The material used by you in the ordinary course of your business which
shall be utilised by you to promote the Scheme and as further described
in clause 3.4 below;

Scheme the programme established by [enter your company name to share the
profits of any sales that are received from New Clients purchasing the
Services using a unique, identifying link, in accordance with the terms
and conditions set out in this Agreement;

Services The Magnetic Money Rapid Transformation programme; The Imposter
No More Transformation programme; The Procrastination to Inspiration
Transformation programme; The Solid Boundaries Transformation

programme,; The Quantum Business Bundle of 4 Rapid Transformation

Valid Sale Means the sale of a Service to a New Client which is generated using

your Link.

3. The Scheme
3.1. Membership of the Scheme will be confirmed by email. The decision to accept you as a
Member is at our absolute discretion.
3.2. Once you have been confirmed as a Member, we’ll provide you with details of our Services
along with your Link.
3.3. We may also provide you with materials, information, data, code, text, audio or sound files,
video, graphics, images and other content (“Content”) to enable you to promote the
3.4. In accordance with this Agreement you shall be entitled to display your Link and any Content
on your own website, any landing or lead pages hosted by you, and to post within any private
online groups which are hosted by you, as well as including the Link and any Content in any
promotional advertisements, newsletters, or emails (“Promotional Materials”).
3.5. You agree and accept that at all times, all Content remains our confidential and proprietary
intellectual property and belongs solely and exclusively to us and can only be used by you in
connection with your membership of the Scheme, and should not be copied, disclosed, or
used for any commercial reasons without our express consent. No changes or modifications
shall be made to your Link or any of the Content, under any circumstances, without our prior
agreement in writing.
3.6. We reserve the right to request prior approval of any Promotional Materials and to request
the amendment, modification or deletion of the Link or any of our Content within any
Promotional Materials at any time.
3.7. We’ll use our best endeavours to keep our Website and any community groups or other
online resources up to date, but we shall have no responsibility to you in relation to the
updating of any Content displayed or included on our Website, our pages, or in any of our
3.8. Access to our Website, our pages, and any of our online groups is provided on an ‘as-is’ and
‘as available’ basis. From time to time we may be required to undertake changes or
amendments to our Website, pages, groups, or our systems and processes, which includes
routine and unexpected maintenance. We shall not be liable for any lack of accessibility which
is caused due to routine or unexpected maintenance.
3.9. Where you add links to our Website, our pages or our groups, to your own website, pages or
groups, we reserve the right to request the amendment, modification or removal of those
links at any time.
3.10. You agree not to use our Content or your Link as follows:
3.10.1. in connection with any illegal activity;

3.10.2. in a way which could be seen as threatening, harmful, derogotary or

discriminatory to any other third party;

3.10.3. in a way which infringes our intellectual property rights or any intellectual

property rights held by a third party;

3.10.4. within or on any pages, groups or sites that belong to, are owned by, or are

hosted by us or our associated companies.

3.11. It shall be your responsibility to ensure that you have in place the necessary requirements to
allow you to access our Website or any pages or associated groups, and we shall not be liable
to you in the event you are unable to access our Website, pages or groups.
3.12. We reserve the right to amend, revise or make changes to the Scheme, or cancel, amend,
change or reschedule any part as we reasonably require without any notice to you. We shall
have no liability to you whatsoever as a consequence of any changes, amendments or
cancellations we make to the Scheme.
4. Relationship of the Parties
4.1. Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute, or be deemed to create, a partnership, joint
venture or employment relationship between us; nor, except as expressly provided, shall it
designate, or be deemed to designate, one Party as agent of the other Party for any purpose.
4.2. Subject to any express provisions to the contrary in this Agreement, you shall have no right or
authority to and shall not do any act, enter into any contract, make any representation, give
any warranty or guarantee, incur any liability, assume any obligation, whether express or
implied, of any kind on our behalf or bind us in any way.
4.3. We agree to be responsible for the delivery of Services to any New Client that uses your Link
to purchase Services from us. Any contract formed will be between us and that New Client
and you shall not be a party to that agreement.
5. Your Obligations
5.1. You agree that at the time of becoming a Member, all information that you provide to us is
correct, honest, and up to date. It shall be your responsibility to notify us should any of the
information you originally provide to us change.
5.2. It shall be your responsibility to maintain your own website, pages and groups and to regularly
check all Content and all links to the Content as well as to our Website, our pages and groups.
5.3. In the event you have any concerns as to any aspect of our delivery of the Scheme you agree
to notify us of such concerns by email to Denise@denisemortimer.com as soon as possible.
We agree that upon receipt of such notification by email we shall use our best efforts to work
with you to resolve your concerns.
5.4. You agree to notify us by email in the event you become aware of any inappropriate behavior
or content being displayed on or in our Website or pages, within any of our associated groups,
or within our associated social media channels.

5.5. By becoming a Member, you agree to conduct yourself in a reasonable and responsible
manner when accessing our Website and any associated groups, and further you agree:
5.5.1. not to use the Website or any other associated groups for any unlawful
5.5.2. that when accessing the Website or any associated group that you will not
upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available any content that: infringes any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property

rights belonging to us or any other person or entity; is by its nature defamatory, libelous, obscene, demeaning or which
causes offence to another individual whether intended or not; discloses personal and/or sensitive information about another person; is threatening or causes another individual to feel harassed or in fear; is classed as spam; is unlawful, harmful, threatening, obscene, harassing, discriminatory,

defamatory or otherwise objectionable; facilitates or promotes violence terrorism or any other criminal

activity; or is sexually explicit.

5.6. When accessing our Website or our pages, you agree not to take any action which seeks to
disable or in any way interfere with any of our systems or processes or tests or seeks to test
the vulnerability of any of our systems or processes.
6. Affiliate Sales Reporting
6.1. Your Link will enable us to track all Valid Sales arising from the use of that Link.
6.2. The tracking of all Valid Sales will be done automatically using Thrivecart.
6.3. Details of all Valid Sales will be available for you to view through Thrivecart, (where you will be
registered and have your own log in details) and we reserve the right to modify, change, or
alter the form, content and frequency of any reports without notice.
7. Fees and Commission
7.1. Affiliate commission (“Commission”) will be paid to you for all Valid Sales that are tracked
through Thrivecart and indicate your Link as the source of the sale.
7.2. Commission will be calculated on the sale price (before VAT) of each Service which is
generated through your unique Link.

7.3. Commission shall be calculated on the following basis:
7.3.1. all Valid Sales from New Clients that are acquired as a direct result from your Link
will attract Commission of 50%
7.3.2. where a New Client makes a second purchase, subject to the first sale being
tracked directly to the use of your Link, and the second sale taking place within 3
months of the first sale, the second purchase will attract Commission of 20% .
7.4. We use cookies and other analytics within our Website to identify Clients that have previously
been referred to us using your Link. Cookies are valid for 6 months, so if someone purchases
using your link within 6 months of receiving the link, you will be paid a commission.
7.5. Commission shall only be payable in respect of a Valid Sale once we have received payment in
full, in cleared funds, from the New Client, and any relevant refund or cooling off period has
7.6. We shall provide payment of commission in UK sterling by Paypal It shall be paid exclusive of
VAT and any other taxes which may apply.
7.7. Commission will be paid 14 days after a Valid Sale has taken place to account for our 7 day
refund policy period.
7.8. Payments will be made where the Commission fortnightly on any amount due.
7.9. Commission payments will not apply to any sales made during a promotional period where
the sale price of any of the Services is reduced or discounted.
7.10. We shall not provide payment of Commission where:
7.10.1. the payment is made illegally by way of fraud or criminal use of a credit card or

other payment method; or
7.10.2. payment is declined; or
7.10.3. a client requests a refund from us or issues a clawback, refund or chargeback

from their payment provider; or

7.10.4. we are unable to track or trace a New Client back to you.
7.11. In the event we are caused to make a refund for any reason, including but not limited to fraud,
then where such refund is not through our own fault, then you shall be liable to provide us
with repayment of any Commission received in respect of that Valid Sale or New Client and we
shall have the right to charge back any Commission paid to you or to set off any refund against
any Commission that is due to be paid to you.
7.12. You agree and accept that we shall have the right to retain up your Commission that is due to
you for a period of 14 days to account for any refunds or chargebacks.

7.13. It shall be your responsibility to settle any tax liabilities arising out of your receipt of
Commission payments from us.
7.14. We reserve our rights to modify the Commission rates at any time. We agree to provide you
with 14 days’ notice in writing of any such change.
7.15. The decision to provide services to a New Client who has been referred to us through your
Link is at our discretion. No Commission will be payable where we decide not to enter into an
arrangement with a New Client or to provide services to them.
8. Cancellation and Termination
8.1. Either of us shall have the right to cancel this arrangement by providing the other party with a
minimum of enter number for example: 10 days’ notice by email.
8.2. We reserve our rights to terminate this arrangement, with immediate effect, if you:
8.2.1. commit a material breach of your obligations under this Agreement; or
8.2.2. produce, distribute, or display any Promotional Materials which we consider

unsuitable; or

8.2.3. demonstrate actions or behavior which seek to fraudulently or deceptively
increase or affect the Commission amounts payable in accordance with this
Agreement; or

8.2.4. demonstrate actions or behavior which have, or are intended to have, in our
reasonable opinion, a negative effect on the promotion or sales of our Services ;

8.2.5. demonstrate actions or behaviour which we consider may have negative

consequences for our business goodwill or reputation; or
8.2.6. if you are an individual, have a bankruptcy petition presented against you or you
become subject to a bankruptcy order or other financial process if you are a
company, limited liability partnership or other corporate entity, have a winding
up petition presented against you, commence steps to enter into any form of
insolvency, or enter into any other similar financial process ; or

8.3. Upon termination of this arrangement for any reason:
8.3.1. all clauses which either expressly or by their nature relate to the period after the
expiry or termination of this agreement same shall remain in full force and effect;
8.3.2. you shall cease to use, either directly or indirectly any Link, Content, Promotional
Materials, and any Confidential Information, and shall immediately remove any links
to our Website or groups and return to us any documents in your possession or
control which contain a record of any Confidential information; and

8.3.3. we shall disable your Link, any tracking URL’s, other links, cookies, pixels and any
similar mechanisms associated with the Scheme.
9. Confidentiality, Intellectual Property and Data Protection
9.1. We’ll grant to you a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty free, revocable
licence to access and use the Link and any Content provided as part of the Scheme for the
purposes intended by this Agreement. We reserve the right to revoke this licence at any time
by providing you with written notice. This licence will automatically terminate when you cease
to be a Member of the Scheme.
9.2. Unless otherwise expressly set out, we are the exclusive owner of all rights in our Services,
Content, along with the rights in our business name, group names, domain names, and any
copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights. For the avoidance of doubt, this
Agreement does not provide you with any right to use our name, any trademarks or service
marks in any manner other than as set out within this Agreement or expressly agreed in
writing between us.
9.3. In order to benefit fully from this arrangement, both parties agree that they shall not, either
directly or indirectly, communicate or disclose, make available to, or use for their own
purposes, the other party’s ideas, know-how, business practices or activities, presentation
materials or resources, marketing or promotional strategies, concepts and techniques, plans,
event or launch details, sales figures or other financial information, trade secrets, software or
account passwords, technical data, software information or specifications, source codes,
mailing list information, and other confidential and/or proprietary information (collectively,
“Confidential information”) that may be disclosed as part of this arrangement and both
parties agree to keep the Confidential Information belonging to the other party confidential
and secure.
9.4. Confidential Information for the purposes of this Agreement excludes any information that
was already known by a party prior to being provided with that information by the other
party, is already accessible in the public domain, can be shown to be provided by a third party
separately from this Agreement, or which has been produced, developed or collated
independently and without any breach of the terms of this Agreement.
9.5. We take our obligations under recognised data protection legislation, namely the General
Data Protection Act 2018, seriously and agree to take appropriate steps to comply with the
relevant legislation and to keep all information safe and secure and to protect against loss and
destruction, including accidental, and any unlawful or unauthorised processing.
9.6. You agree to us collecting, processing, using and holding your personal data, in accordance
with the terms of our privacy notice, where this is required for legal, personnel, administrative
or other legitimate purposes in connection with this Agreement. We agree to only process
your personal data to the extent reasonably required to enable proper delivery of the Scheme
and to retain it only for as long as is necessary to allow completion and delivery of the
9.7. We agree not to disclose any personal data to any third party other than to our employees,
agents or advisors and shall ensure that any such persons agree to process the data in
compliance with the relevant data protection legislation.

9.8. You agree that you shall be responsible for complying with all relevant data protection laws
and legislation.
9.9. The provisions of this Clause 9 shall continue in force in accordance with their terms
notwithstanding the termination of the arrangement for any reason. Our obligations will not
apply where we are required to disclose in connection with legal action, the obtaining of legal
advice, or upon the direction of the court or other competent authority.
10. Liability and Indemnity
10.1. Your access to the Scheme and your compliance with the terms of this Agreement does not
constitute or imply any business relationship other than as set out within this Agreement.
10.2. We have made every effort to accurately represent the Scheme. Any testimonials and/or
examples of results experienced by others are not intended to represent or guarantee that
you will achieve the same or similar results and we make no guarantee, representation or
warranty, whether express or implied, with respect to the Commission that may be generated.
10.3. We shall not be liable (whether caused by us, our agents, employees or otherwise) to you for:
10.3.1. any indirect, consequential or special damages, losses or costs;
10.3.2. any loss of profits, business, data, reputation or goodwill or any such anticipated
10.3.3. any failure to deliver the Scheme where we are prevented due to a reason behind
our reasonable control; or

10.4. In the event damages are incurred by you as a result of our default or breach of this
Agreement, our entire liability under this Agreement is limited to the amount of the
Commission paid to you by us in the 6 months preceding the date in which loss is sustained.
You agree and acknowledge that this clause 10.4 is fair and reasonable given the nature of this
10.5. The Scheme, our Website and any and all Content is provided to visitors on an ‘as is’ and ‘as is
available’ basis. We make no guarantee We make no guarantee that our Website is functional
or accessible to all visitors or that it will be uninterrupted or error free.
10.6. We make no warranty or representation that our services, the Scheme, our Website, pages or
Content will meet the demands, needs or requirements of any New Client.
10.7. At all times you shall remain responsible for the maintenance and operation of your own
website and for any information and materials that contained therein and you agree to
indemnify us against all claims, howsoever arising, relating to the operation, maintenance and
content of your website.
10.8. You shall be responsible for complying with all applicable laws, rule, regulations and guidance
that apply to your business in connection with the terms of this Agreement.
10.9. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any losses, costs, liabilities or expenses
relating to or arising out of:

10.9.1. your breach of any term of this Agreement;
10.9.2. any misuse, fraud or deception undertaken by you or any of your agents in
connection with the Scheme; or
10.9.3. any claim relating to Promotional Material created by you;
10.9.4. your participation in any way in the Scheme.
10.10.During the term of this Agreement and at any time thereafter, you agree to take no action
which is intended, or would reasonably be expected, to harm us, our agents, employees,
contractors, or clients, or our or their reputation or which would reasonably be expected to
lead to unwanted or unfavourable publicity to us, our agents, employees, contractors, or
10.11.In the event a dispute arises in connection with this Agreement and the provision of the
Scheme which is incapable of being resolved by mutual consent then we both agree to submit
the matter for mediation by an independent mediator. In the event a resolution is still not
possible following mediation then either of us shall be at liberty to commence legal action.
10.12.We both agree that we have adequate Insurance cover to meet any liabilities that may arise in
connection with this Agreement.
10.13.In the event an unforeseen or unexpected event arises which prevents us from delivering the
Scheme then you shall be notified by email. We shall not be liable to you for any failure or
delay in delivery of the Scheme or your failure to access our Website or any associated group.
11. General
11.1. The failure of either Party to actively enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not
prevent that Party from subsequently seeking to enforce any term or obligation of this
Agreement and any such failure shall not constitute a waiver, diminution or limitation of any
11.2. In the event any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid, or unenforceable for any
reason then that provision shall be struck out and the remaining provisions shall remain valid
and enforceable.
11.3. We reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement at any time by providing you with
written notice of any proposed changes by email at least 5 working days before the changes
shall come into effect. In the event you disagree with any proposed changes you shall have
the right to terminate this Agreement in accordance with Clause 8. Your continued
participation in the Scheme will constitute your acceptance of any changes.
11.4. Every effort will be made by us to comply with our obligations set out within this Agreement
but we shall not be liable for any delay or failure in the provision of the Scheme or any of our
obligations under this Agreement where we are prevented or delayed due to any act, event,
omission or accident beyond our reasonable control (“Events”), including but not limited to
any of the following: an act of god (which shall include but not be limited to fire, flood,
earthquake, windstorm or other natural disaster), extreme adverse weather conditions,

disease, epidemic or pandemic, strike, industrial action, lock out, lock down, war or threat or
preparation for war, civil war, civil commotion, riot, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions,
embargo, terrorist attack, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom,
explosion, delays in transit, malicious or accidental damage, collapse of building structures or
failure of plant or machinery, loss at sea, any act or omission of a telecommunications officer
or third party supplier of services, the expiry of any transition or implementation period
agreed with the European Union during which European Union law is applicable to and in the
United Kingdom, or any other circumstances beyond our control. Should an Event occur then
time of delivery of our obligations shall be extended until a reasonable time after the Event
preventing or interfering with the delivery or performance of any obligation, and under no
circumstances will we be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result thereof.
11.5. Where an Event arises, we’ll provide you with notice in writing by email, setting out the nature
and extent of the Event and any steps being taken to mitigate the impact and effect of the
Event. Should the Event continue for longer than 30 days then either of us shall be entitled to
terminate this Agreement by providing the other with 10 days’ notice in writing. Termination
in these circumstances shall be without prejudice to the rights of the Parties in respect of any
breach of the Agreement occurring prior to termination.
11.6. This agreement is personal to you and shall not be assigned, transferred or sub-contracted
without our express consent in writing.
11.7. Save as provided for in clause 10.10 the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999
shall not apply.
11.8. This Agreement shall be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and
Wales and the laws from time to time in force.
11.9. You agree that no other representations have been made by us to induce you into becoming a
Member of the Scheme and no modification or variation to this Agreement shall be effective
unless in writing and signed by us both.

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