Meet Denise...

The Fabulous Finder Exposed
I am curious about life in so many ways! Originally from Long Island, New York, I unwittingly moved to London in 1985.

I had no idea on that fateful day that I was making a change to live in the UK for at least another 30 years! It’s been my home for a very long time now and I love my adopted country.

I am captivated by people, places and things. My husband can’t keep pace with me; in fact I often can’t keep pace with me!

I find it a criminal act for people to not recognise how fabulous they are and as I am a ‘Fabulous Finder’ I make it my business to help others see the fabulousness they possess.

Being so energetic and positive has meant that life has afforded me so many fabulous opportunities, for example:

  • I got to be the in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony;
  • I had a brief moment as a stand-up comedian;
  • I had a small business making raw healthy snacks from dates called ‘Oddballs’;
  • I have been guest speaker at various community events and worked in collaboration with a number of  arts groups
  • I am self-taught in shabby chic-ing furniture and decopauging. In fact within weeks of producing my first pieces I was running workshops teaching other people how to do it;
  • I am the mother to two of the most amazing people on the planet and wife to a VERY tolerant husband

I have an insatiable appetite for life and equally insatiable appetite for cake.

I am a fitness enthusiast and will typically be found in a boxercise class, taking great pleasure from people half my age being surprised by my strength and stamina. I eat well, and then I eat, well, chocolate.


A number of people have suggested I write a book because of my diverse and sometimes unusual hobbies and interests. I’ve said ‘Me? I am nobody in particular’, Yet, I seem to do everything! Which made me think that the book that I will write will be called ‘Nobody does everything’.  I am not a person with a bucket list; I am a person with an ‘I didn’t know I wanted to do, but now that you mention it, let’s do it!’ list.

Whatever I set my mind to I do so with gusto and enthusiasm. If you want to work with me and the chemistry is right, you’ll be inspired, I promise you.

Well folks, that just about sums up life and my approach to it.

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