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Relationship Coach

Some people we LOVE to spend time with, they lift us up, inspire & delight us, whereas others are like vampires sucking the life right out of us. We can’t always choose who comes into our life, but we CAN choose how to manage them and come away without a prison sentence. That’s where I come in.

Confidence & Career

Don’t start me on all the tragic stories of unfulfilled potential. Don’t be one of them. We can all choose to be victims or victors in life. You are so much more than you think you are. I know it & I haven’t met you. Shine your light in the direction it’s meant to and create the most fabulous version of you ever.

Professional Speaker

As a professional speaker, I add humor and engagement to any event no matter how big or small. My delivery is fun and informal and I have a knack for making everyone feel at ease and part of the event. I can be booked for motivational speaking engagements, corporate events and all kinds or fabulous parties!

Book a Chemistry Call

My promise to you: I will always act in your best interest. How about we start with a 15 minute chemistry session to see if we are the right fit? An important part of coaching is to have a coach you are confident and comfortable with.

The Blog

I write about life, people, and fabulous stuff.
Sometimes I can be serious too.


This is where we lay the foundations to support your future success.  Building a house without a strong foundation will create problems, the same is true of your business. Let’s make sure we start as we mean to go on. DOWNLOAD MY FREE EBOOK First, we need to ensure...

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Element 3 – Creating Clients

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series By the time we reach element 3, this is where the fun really begins.  In element 1 you’ve set the foundations and in element 2, you've cultivated your community and built your authority around your Big Idea, so now, it’s time to...

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I thought coaching was a bit a like career advisor who helped you find your own solutions through guided talking. Recently, I was coached by Denise Mortimer for what I think was a panic attack or symptoms of anxiety. The session was strange, and I went along with it; not totally buying into its stated benefits. However, at some point during this session, I felt empowered, through her coaching I shifted away either the physical symptoms or mental thinking; but this one session was extremely enabling.

– Rashida Choudhery, Business Owner

I came to Denise as I have been struggling with a long term health issue and I had tried many treatments but I was still unwell. Denise talked to me about my health issue and the options I have. She then came up with a structured plan for me to follow, with obvious goals and an outcome. I felt so much better after talking it through with Denise as it gave me some sense of power back over my well being and a definitive course of action. Denise is upbeat, kind, intuitive and no nonsense in her approach.

– Sarah, Alternative Health Practitioner

Denise gave me a coaching session in preparation for an interview, the first one in many, many years. Her knowledgeable and enthusiastic approach instilled me with renewed confidence and ready to tackle the world..... In the hope it was also ready for me!

– Yvonne O’Keefe, Head Teacher

Thank you Denise, for your time and passion into our one to one sessions and continued support. You have really inspired me and made me think differently and positively on how situations can be perceived. I feel more confident in my ability to express my opinions and has really helped me progress in work and in life. You also coached me through my progression and interview skills to help me to present and express myself and my skill set. I have more direction and guided passion into what I love shown by taking up more training and getting a promotion at work. Great mentor and person

– Andrezej Juraszek, GP Referral Manager

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Denise Mortimer

Denise Mortimer

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