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Coaching Sessions

I am a fabulousness finder – a ‘people whisperer’ if you will. I see fabulousness in people, especially when they fail to see it for themselves. It’s selfish of you to not be at your best. So stop being selfish. Be fabulous!

Many people let their past influence their future. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you’ve experienced. Often people make decisions very early on in life about the world and what’s possible for them based on information that is incomplete, inaccurate and limited. To build a future based on outdated information as a guiding principle, well, it’s a bit of a limitation. Wouldn’t you agree?

Often clients know there is ‘something more’ for them, but they are so driven by what they are programmed to do that they can’t see a way to connect with that ‘something more’. Coaching helps clear the way to invite in those things that seemed impossible. One of the most satisfying aspects of being a coach, whether it’s focusing on career, confidence or relationships, is when a client has that ‘light bulb’ moment and there is no going back to their outdated way of thinking.

Have you ever watched a scary film without the soundtrack? Suddenly the film doesn’t seem quite so scary. You could add a different soundtrack and change the meaning. Your life plays out like a film. You are the director telling yourself what’s scary and what’s possible. We can change the soundtrack, we can change the scene and we can even change the characters in your film. Wouldn’t you love to create a feel-good Oscar winning film of your life?

What are you waiting for?

Confidence & Career Coaching

Get out of your own way. Would you treat your best friend so appallingly? Stop not being your own best friend. Make the most of your time on this planet. Do work you love. You already know what direction to go in. If you’re not sure then it is probably buried under a mountain of stuff you think you ought to do instead of doing what really fuels your soul. I will help you un-bury what fuels your soul. You’ll be shocked at how quickly I can help you head in a direction that inspires you. It’s like the clouds part, and trumpet-playing angels start dancing around to celebrate your new found sense of clarity. Hands up who wants an unhappy future? Not me. I hope not you. Gain confidence, learn interview skills, and fulfil your career and life potential. Don’t waste another minute.

Relationship Coaching

Other people: You can’t get away from them! They are EVERYWHERE- at home, at work, at school, the gym, the shops, even online. This is both good news and bad news. Managing our friends, family, co-workers and significant others can sometimes challenge us beyond our perceived ability to cope. That doesn’t sound like fun now, does it? Make the creation of harmony, or at the very least, tolerance, a priority. By working with me you will learn to manage the relationships you can’t avoid and find and enhance the ones that bring out the best in you.

Health Coaching

Are you ill? There are so many reasons people get ill. Illness can be in our head, physical body, or a mixture of the two. Sometimes we need medical help for illness and sometimes we need to release the emotional causes of ill health. Most people have an inclination as to whether their physical symptoms are due to emotional issues. In a safe and confidential environment, using NLP and coaching techniques, we’ll acknowledge and move beyond what’s making you ill and give you strategies for future success. Now that sounds like a good way to invest in your life. Doesn’t it?

Chemistry Call 

Request a 15 minute chemistry call to see if working with me is the right step forward for you

“Finding The Right Word”(Coaching)…

Can’t seem to find the right words? Ask me! They don’t call me ‘Verbal Dexterity and Applied Neuro Linguistic Programming Superwoman’ for nothing. I will find the emotion and sense of occasion whether it is the written or spoken word and make you a hero. Despite being a joker, my ability to find the right words is spot on! My quick fix coaching will help you find the right words to get maximum impact. Clients often say ‘That’s exactly what I meant to say!’ Events for which I have found the right words:

  • Wedding and birthday speeches
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Eulogies
  • Presenting at work
  • Offering praise and recognition
  • Website copy and marketing material

Together we’ll capture the essence of the occasion perfectly. If you don’t want to say it, I will!


Public Speaking

Never shy of a crowd from a young age, I love an audience and will create the mood for your event to engage your audience. You’ll see in no time that I am a ‘giver’ and provide value for your audience. Rest assured that your audience will be engaged and experiencing the event in the way you want them to.

Team Development

Every workplace has its own goals and targets to achieve. I use the Appreciative Inquiry approach. This is an organic process that encourages full engagement and ownership of the outcomes. Through this process you’ll see a noticeable difference in team spirit and drive, plus a collective commitment to goals and outcomes.

Community Events & Collaborations

I welcome opportunities to engage in fun, new projects and interesting collaborations. Not sure what you need or what you are looking for? Let’s talk! If nothing else you’ll come away with ideas you hadn’t even considered before.

  • I played a key role in developing Activia’s ‘Little Book of Wellbeing’ (2008)
  • Every year I bring therapeutic play to the over 18’s in Chelmsford’s Fling Festival
  • I have been a guest speaker in schools bringing students a message of how to embrace their greatest talents and make their best contribution to the world
  • I have worked collaboratively with RCAP arts group (now ‘Made Public‘) and the NO Collective to bring my popular ‘Release Your Inner Fabulousness’ sessions
  • I set up a local NLP group in 2005, introducing more and more people to the benefits of practical applications of NLP
  • I have been a guest speaker at numerous business network meetings, Havering Women in Business events, The Women’s Institute, International Women’s day events, NHS England, London Borough of Harrow
  • I am a natural networker. If I can’t help, I know someone who can.

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